Delivering products. Producing results.

        True. Trusted. Tolko.

        We are dedicated to working with our customers to make sure they get the quality and product they want.

        With talented brokers who are knowledgeable and have the network to source and deliver the precise products you need, we are able to offer the quality of service and information that can help each of our customers find success.

        Our brokerage department is an integral part of our push to satisfy our customers' need for quality forest products and service tailored to meet their individual requirements – whatever they may be.


        Taking the time to meet your needs

        A good broker not only finds you what you want, but is there to listen and guide you through the process to understanding what you need. Let us take the time to listen, understand, and do the groundwork to help you find your success.

        In addition to our own production, we have access to a wide variety of dimension and specialty products from quality manufacturers throughout North America. Our traders are well-networked and well-versed in what is available in the marketplace, enabling us to provide the information you need to make intelligent sourcing decisions.

        Contact our brokerage sales team

        Below you'll find a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts, ready to listen to your needs, help you choose the best Tolko product for your application, provide specifications and custom options, ensure trouble-free delivery, and even discuss proper use and installation. Each member of your sales team is eager to make certain you're completely satisfied with Tolko service, and your Tolko Brokerage experience.

        For international customers, please contact our?International Sales and Marketing Team.

        Diane Prystupa photo

        Diane Prystupa

        Brokerage Customer Service Representative

        Phone: 1-250-549-5367
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Dennis DeGruchy photo

        Dennis De Gruchy

        Commodity/Treated Lumber

        Phone: 1-250-549-5357
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Mike Glowa photo

        Mike Glowa

        Canadian Sales

        Phone: 250-549-5337
        Fax: 250-545-0395

        Lauren Leroux photo

        Lauren Leroux

        Engineered Wood Specialist

        Phone: 1-250-549-5324
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Craig Menhnick photo

        Craig Menhinick

        MSR Specialist

        Phone: 1-250-549-5327
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Jordan Nixon photo

        Jordan Nixon

        Commodity Sales

        Phone: 1-250-549-5392
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Rob Polman Tuin photo

        Rob Polman-Tuin

        Commodity Sales

        Phone: 1-250-549-5318
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Chris Reeves photo

        Chris Reeves

        Industrial Lumber

        Phone: 1-250-549-5317
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395

        Brandon Ditchfield photo

        Brandon Ditchfield

        Commodity/Industrial Sales

        Phone: 1-250-549-5305
        Fax: 1-250-545-0395